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[IP] RE: Swimming

I am an ex-competitive swimmer and still use this as my
primary exercise.  Site adhesion was a major problem for the
first 8 months that I was on the pump.  My solution is:

1) Prep with No Sting Barrier Film (made by 3M)
2) Apply trimmed piece of IV3000.  By trimmed I mean trim
the width before you stick it on, then trim the length
before you remove the #2 paper covering.  This leaves the
IV3000 only slightly larger than the Tender.
3) Apply more No Sting Barrier Film
4) Insert set through IV3000.
5) Apply more No Sting Barrier Film
6) Apply a "window" of MicroPore "paper" tape.  This helps
keep the edges of the set from catching water.

I have also used Tincture of Benzoine.  This has very good
adhesion properties, but is iodine based and in my case led
to serious reactions with my skin.

Good luck, if you need more information about my approach,
email me.

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