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Re: [IP] High Blood Sugar Bolus

These comments have been making me think that sometimes I test my sugars
TOO much (if this is possible!).  It seems that sometimes I'll test after a
meal, maybe like 30 minutes after or so, and very often I'll be around 200
or so.  Then I get paranoid and bolus myself down.  I don't usually run
into lows, but this could be because I'm one of those people that likes to
eat little amounts throughout the day - a grazer. =) 
However, yesterday I had a really scary experience where I had eaten a bowl
of cereal for breakfast and then about 45 min later I went to my aikido
class.  Before class I tested and I was 200. Normally I like to be about
150 before the class so I don't get low (I take the pump off for the
duration). I figured 200 was kind of high, and since my pump was going to
be off for at least an hour and a half, I gave myself a unit.  About an
hour into the class, all of a sudden I was like, "whoa, I really need to
sit down" - I went and did my sugar - 35!! ag, a new record! 
I guess my question is, what do I want my sugars to be in varying intervals
of time after meals - like 30, 45, 1, 2 hours after? When is high too high?
Is it "bad" to be a grazer like that b/c I'll always sort of have insulin
floating around peaking at lots of different times? But, if I calculate my
carbs and bolus to cover, I should be okay ... right?



At 09:27 PM 1/17/99 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 99-01-17 21:15:33 EST, you write:
><< Since I went on the pump last month, however, I
> made a deal to follow his directions and IT IS WORKING.  240s drop gradually
> to target over 3 hours and I have none of the rollercoaster lows following
> highs that I used to get all the time when "chasing" highs with extra shots
> of H.
> Does anyone else do this/have any comments?
>  >>
>If it works..follow it.  Most people are too over aggressive about fixing
>highs after a meal. You always have to be mindful of any unused insulin from
>the last bolus. Overlapping boluses can lead to unexpected lows.   We use the
>formula in Pumping Insulin for correcting high BGs at meal time and then work
>on problem solving to get it all fine tuned. We do not recommend high BG
>until 3-4 hours after a meal. There are times that a bolus will be off, but
>that is part of the trouble shooting and critical thinking anaylsis
process we
>focus on.
>Barbara B.
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