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Re: [IP] Summer camp for pumpers


Last summer Marisa was determined to go to D camp .  She had been looking
forward to tyrning 8 so she'd be old enough to go.  This was a tough one for
us as she started on her pump about one month before camp was to begin.  At
first I felt it was out of the question to send her, but after counseling with
friends, several CDE's and her pump trainer we decided to go for it.  We
called the camp director and were discouraged when we heard she'd be the only
pumper at the Kids Camp ( 8-- 12).  He assured us that the staff could handle
her and her pump and not to worry.  I asked to talk to the medical director of
the camp and the CDE in charge and he politely told me I could, but that
wasn't necessary.  At that point I mentioned that my husband was a physician
and needed concrete information about how she would be cared for and the
experience of the camp med staff with pumps. (Actually it was me who needed
the info to give me the courage to send her!)  Ahhhhh---- within an hour I
received a call from the Barbara Davis Center in Denver connecting me with all
the people I needed to hear from.  I discovered many of the staff of the
BDCenter would be at camp and they had lots of teens on pumps and were very
familiar with pumps.  So......to jump to the end of a long story....... Marisa
was a happy camper at Glacier View Camp in Ward, Colorado, sponsored by the CO
ADA.  She had the best of care.  We timed it so she only had to change her
site  once while at camp.  She had great supervsion and assistance and even
learned more about "sterile technique".  She inserted her Tenders by herself
from the beginning, but I'm sure they would have done it just fine.  She loved
camp and has assured us she will go for the next 10years.  I hope every year
she'll be joined by more pumpers.  

So-------- if your local or state diabetic camp does not take pumpers--- a few

1)  See if her pump trainer or CDE might consider being on the volunteer med
staff this summer.  Start early with this suggestion so  the timing can work

2)  Talk to the camp director and  see if there is a member of the medstaff
who would be willing to be trained about pumps and about you daughters
specific needs.  Remind him that more and more children are begin to use pumps
and making his camp available to pumping kids will be more and more necessary.

--Just some thoughts from a mom of a Happy  Camper!

Connie--- Mom of Marisa (9) who began pumping in June,1998

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/