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Re: [IP] Hey! Watch that HTML mail!!

>At 05:13 PM 1/14/1999  Michael Strong wrote:
>>How do you turn off Styled Text?  Turn off bold, underline, etc. under
>>Styled Text?
>For all you Eudora users, this is how I turn off syled text (HTML). Select
>Tools / Options... / Styled Text. From here check "Send plain text only".
>If you want to have a choice, you can also check "Ask me each time", but
>unless you correspond with other people who can see html text, it's simpler
>to just keep it off at all times.

And for you Outlook Exasperate users, the commands are: Tools/ Options/
Send/ and from there you choose the "Send Mail" area, click the "Plain
Text" button, check the "Settings" button, click the MIME button, but be
sure the "Encode text using" list is set to "None", and you can also set
your word wrap and insert ">" in original message replies in this area.

If this all seems confusing, try reading a HTML encoded message with a
plain text reader <vbg>. If you still need some help in getting your
settings correct, email me a message and I will try to assist you in
getting your best message to the group.

George Lovelace    email @ redacted

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