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Re: [IP] Summer camp for pumpers

  Have you tried looking at the Children With Diabetes web site? They have a
good list of camps you can contact. You will need to ask them specific
questions about their experience with young pumpers. Amy went to camp only 10
days after starting on the pump (not recommended). She was very confident with
herself and how to do all her own care. I was even encouraged that her
counselor was on a pump. However, as is often the case at camp, up went the
carb intake and down went the insulin intake (something many camps do 1st
thing, to avoid bad lows) However, being on a pump, the only thing that did
for Amy was never give her a number below 200! Yes, for the entire week. You
can be sure this year will be different, as Amy says she won't tell her how to
do it this year! And I suspect she will not be the only pumper again this year
- not after the letters I received from other parents who had "heard" of Amy
and her pump through their own kids. She loves camp, and wouldn't miss it for
the world! Good luck in your search for a camp - they are out there!

And Sherri - not overprotective at all - just resourceful! And loving!

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