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[IP] Great book for parents and kids

I just finished reading a great book!!! It is called _Growing Up With
Diabetes: What Children Want Their Parents to Know_ by Alicia McAuliffe. I
wish it had been around when I was diagnosed at age 16. Alicia is "a 21-year-
old student who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 11. She has been counseling
children and young adults with diabetes for six years, and is the founder of
the Circle of Life Camp, Inc., a not-for-profit camp for young people with
diabetes." She really knows what it is like for both kids and parents. As you
read it you will say to yourself "Yeah, that's just what it is like!!!" She
talks about dealing with diabetes at school, dating, camps for kids with
diabetes, how to encourage a healthy approach to diabetes, how children feel
when they are diagnosed, and how to make your child's life as normal as
possible. She is on the pump herself and talks a little about it in the book.
Alicia, if you are on this list, KUDOS! You've done a great job.

It is published by Chronimed Publishing and a portion of the proceeds go to
JDF. The ISBN is 1-56561-150-0. The copyright date is 1998. If you can't buy
it, go to the library and get it on interlibrary loan. 

Barbara Linder
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/