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Re: : [IP] square wave bolus

> Anne,
>   My 12 yr old daughter runs into this frequently, especially when
>   hanging out
> with friends and at overnighters. What she does is check how much
> has been bolused and subtracts that from the original bolus she set.
> Then she stops the square wave, eats what she wants and boluses for
> that, then re-sets her square wave. It can be kind of a pain I
> suppose, the other option of not getting to eat more is probably
> more of a pain! I don't know of any other way with the 507C - as far
> as I know, you cannot suspend the square wave, only stop it
> completely.

Lily runs a temporary basal rate instead of using the square wave. 
She originally did it with her 506 because it didn't have square 
wave, but it is more convenient so she has continued with this method 
with her 507. There is a good description of this method in the


on the HOWTO page of the web site.

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