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Re: [IP] re: Anniversary

Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 08:07 PM 1/16/1999  Delaine M. Wright wrote:
> >  I work in a cardiac rehabilitation
> >program (I hope this important aspect of care was recommended to you!) and
> >sadly, you are *absolutely* RIGHT about many cardiologists - especially
> >surgeons(!) - not treating the whole person.   *sigh*
> Unfortunately, I was not sent to any such program... after about 8 days in
> the hospital they sent me home and that was that. Yes, I did go back to see
> the various doctors afterwards, but that was it.

I had a coronary artery spasm on Aug. 19, 1992, (age 44) which is also
when I was diagnosed with diabetes.

That's just like having a heart attack, except that they did an
angiogram and found that my arteries were not blocked. 

I did go to a cardiac rehab program -- it had both an educational
component, mostly what causes heart disease, how to eat low-fat, and how
to deal with angina, and an exercise component -- they monitored weight,
heart rates and blood pressure, and prescribed an exercise plan. If you
were diabetic, they also made you monitor BGs both before and after

While there WAS an effort to deal with emotional response to having
heart disease, I don't think it's really possible to do this in a
professional setting because it takes TIME, and is basically too

However, I do have to say that they were very patient with me -- I was
in the throes of some major emotional adjustment, and not always
pleasant to be around. 

I have found far more support in lists on the internet, because you can
talk to so many people, and there is usually someone who has had a
similar experience and can understand and respond.

Best news, saved till last, is that my cardiologist assures me that I
don't have atherosclerosis at this point (I had a thallium stress test
last year), and getting control of my BGs has really improved my lipid
profile! Of course, I'm taking PILLS to prevent another spasm, but it's
worth the trade off!

Good luck, Sam -- I went through a period of thinking I would never see
50, but here I am!



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