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Re: [IP] pregnancy

Congratulations Debbie and Tim,   I am very happy for you.  Although it has
been 20 years since my first pregnancy, I remember it well.  I hate to think
what my a1c was before Dan was born.  It is probably a scary number.  Anyway,
even though both of my pregnancies were difficult (pre-pump), I have 2 very
healthy boys (19 and 15 years).  With my pregnancies, I was very worried about
how my up and down swings were affecting my babies.  The doctor told me
something that helped me a lot.  He said:  "The fetus gets what the fetus
needs."  This helped me a great deal because I was getting some wild swings
and scary reactions.  The reason I am telling you this is so maybe you can
relax a little about not having perfect bgs all the time.  You can't help but
worry during pregnancy, but I thought my experience might help relieve some of
the pressure.  ellen  
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