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Re: [IP] Dr. Bernstein's Book/ketones

Barbara, your explanation is true of course, but the way I see it is that the
treatment is the same if I have a 300 bg or if I have a 300 bg and ketones.  I
still just take the insulin to bring my bg down.  You did suggest that I might
need to take more if I have ketones, but not much more so I don't know if that
is so relevant.  BTW, if I have 3 high bgs in a row (which is rare), I inject
insulin in a syringe directly into the muscle to get the bg down quickly and
then change all the pump stuff just to be safe.  I would think the ketone
situation would be very important to me if I could NOT get my bgs down.  In
that case, I would probably end up calling the dr.  
To make you feel better, I would not advocate this for anyone else.  Not
checking for  ketones has just not been a problem for me---yet.  ellen   
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