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[IP] pregnancy

Hi all -

I have some wonderful news - I'm pregnant!  I'm 10 weeks and have known for awhile, but was reluctant to post my news to this group because of my A1c when I first found out.  About a week before I became pregnant, I had an A1c done, and it was 7.8.  My doc wanted to see below 7.0 before he gave me the "green" light.  But, accidents do happen, and I discovered I was pregnant.  Went in to see the doc right away, and he tried to reassure me that everything would be ok, but it was important to get my #'s lower.  Even after talking to him, I was still very "mixed up" - thrilled that I was pregnant, but terrified that I was harming the baby because of my high #'s.  Well, the reason I'm writing now, is to also announce my latest A1c (2 weeks ago)  5.9!!!!!  I almost cried when I heard the #!  I've been diabetic 16 years, and I don't think I've seen a # that low since my first couple of years with DM.  My dr. actually hugged me.  He must be amazed seeing this from someone with many 10's and 9's over the last few years.  I'm testing between 15 - 20 times a day these days and things are going really well.  No morning sickness (yet), but I am much more hungry (not sure if that's just in my head).  Anyhow, I attribute the good A1c mostly to the baby, but I also have to give some credit to this list.  I have learned SO much since I joined this list.  (how pizza messes with bg's, air bubbles in tubing, women's cycles and bg fluctuations, trigger finger, etc. etc.).  I can't start my day without heading to the computer and reading the digests.  So, I just wanted to thank all of you for helping me to acheive that wonderful 5.9!  If there are any other pregnant women out there, please e-mail me privately.

Thanks so much!

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