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Re: [IP] re: Anniversary

At 08:07 PM 1/16/1999  Delaine M. Wright wrote:
>Hi Sam....  Taking "one day at a time" is all *anyone* can do.  Know that
>your struggle is admired.   *smile*   I work in a cardiac rehabilitation
>program (I hope this important aspect of care was recommended to you!) and
>sadly, you are *absolutely* RIGHT about many cardiologists - especially
>surgeons(!) - not treating the whole person.   *sigh*

Unfortunately, I was not sent to any such program... after about 8 days in
the hospital they sent me home and that was that. Yes, I did go back to see
the various doctors afterwards, but that was it. The cardiologist was
young, but a real cold fish. I dropped him after a few months... besides
being cold, he was a minimum of an hour behind schedule at all times (often
a lot more) and he would constantly call and cancel appointments a few days
before. I just got the impression that my time was not very important in
his eyes.


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