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Re: [IP] Dr. Bernstein's Book

I think Janet (one of the Janets) wrote extensively and knowledgeably about this a while back.  Bernstein's diet minimizes carbs to avoid bg peaks -- something that makes lots of sense for type IIs or for type Is with one or two shots a day and a fairly even amount of insulin since that kind of insulin pattern would not match most carb meals.  However, it is not very helpful with a pump since you will no longer be able to do basal testing and then bolus for only the carbs in your meals.  You will have to figure out how to increase you basals to compensate for the long term effects of fat and protein which are harder to pin point than carbs.  If you ate the same amount of these foods daily, it would work.  If you vary your diet, it would be much more difficult.   People seem to either love or hate Bernstein.  Either way, his theories address a time in diabetes treatment when insulin worked very differently (there was no humalog or human insulin and the emphasis was on long acting rather than regular insulin).   There are ketoacidosis risks if you eat only protein and fat.

email @ redacted wrote:

I am reading Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution.  This is a fascinating book
concerning controlling DM by NOT eating any carbs--mainly protein and fat.
This guy has credibility because he is a Type 1 for over 50 years and
discovered normal BGs prevent complications before that theory was popular.  I
am interested if anyone is on this diet and how it has worked for them.
Because I am a vegetarian, I don't think I could stick to this diet for very
long.  I just don't like meat or fat.  Anyway, I am curious about how this has
worked for others and if the results are worth the effort.  BTW, Ken, is this
guy related to you?  ellen
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