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Re: [IP] Meal Plan

Why did she give you a caloric #?  Was there a weight issue?

It used to be that this was part of standard diabetic treatment and the
calories tended to be higher than was really healthy since they had to be
spread out over 6 meals and b/c most nondiabetic people eat the high numbers
a few days a week but not every day.  A diabetic meal plan had to satisfy
every day so it tended to be high on the calories.  Those old meal plans
also had to balance fat and protein with the carbs to compensate for the
inaccuracies of the insulin.

There is nothing intrinsically better about a lower carb diet -- it has some
benefit for Type II diabetics b/c they are trying to get them to stretch
their own insulin.  Once a type II is put on insulin and looses their own
insulin making ability, I don't know if that is at all true anymore.  High
fat diets are risky for long term type I diabetics -- they do contribute to
earlier onset of gastroparesis and they seem to also contribute to some
neuropathy although most of the reading I did suggested the last item is
still controversial.  There is documented reversal of kidney and other
neuropathy problems from a low fat diet.   As for more protein for the extra
calories -- if you have kidney damage high protein is a bad idea, other wise
a reasonably large amount of low fat protein is fine.

I don't know how much any of this addresses your question.  But maybe it is
some info to factor in.

One last important note:  often when diabetics first start running lower bgs
(normal range) consistently, people report (and me too) they find themselves
constantly famished.  If you can work on not overeating too much, maybe
finding healthy munchies to quell the cravings, you will find that after a
few weeks your hunger will level out to more balanced level.

Harry Trifonas wrote:

> The Dietition assigned the following meal guidelines to me:
> 2800 total Calories
> Breakfast: 60 carbs
> Lunch : 90
> Dinner: 60
> Bedtime Snack: 30+2 Fats
> For this past week, I've adhered to my 240 carb limit, but not been able
> to go beyond 1800-2000 calories in doing so.  I've been very hungry this
> week, and wonder if it is just because of the diet or am i eating the
> wrong foods?
> So the million $ question is how do i get an additional 800 calories
> into my mealplan without overextending on the carbs?
> Should i even be worried about this shortfall?  I could lose the weight
> anyway....
> Thanks.
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