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Re: [IP] going to disneyland

I've always taken my own food -- usually fruit, juice, maybe a sandwhich or
a bag of pretzels.  No one has every stopped me, but if they did, I've sure
your medical bracelet or pump and the explanation that you are diabetic
would more than handle it.  I remember that when I was 13 or 14 I worried
about being stopped and planned all the contigencies and it never happened.
They do check for alcohal and drugs so glass and aluminun bottles may be a
bad idea.

The Disneyland in Annaheim has some less bad for you food than they used to
although you will have to look around and avoid isolated snack bars.  They
have fresh fruit and salads and you can buy things like a turkey sandwhich
with no mayo.  If you are going to Florida things may be different. I don't
know.  I do know that when I lived in the South and when I have traveled to
NY or to the MidWest food is much more "American" -- more fat, more sugar,
more mayo, more meat and fewer veggies and ethnic food.  It probably depends
a good deal on your standards.  Since you have a pump, you won't need to eat
until you find the right food so just be prepared to scan restaurants for a
while before you settle down.  Bring lots of candy, dextrose or whatever you
use for hypos so you will be ok in lines and things and in transition and
otherwise, it is just like normal -- you have to blood test any time
anything is a bit unusual, you bolus to eat, you take a bolus if you are
high, and if you are low you take some sugar.  I think the hardest part may
be realizing simply that the only big deal is that you will always have to
do this kind of adjusting for any unusual and many usual circumstances.

Have a great time!  Say hi to Mickey!

GTE/notebook wrote:

> I am going to disneyland tomorrow and would like to know what some
> experienced pumpers have done when confronted with all day walking and
> standing and there insulin requirements. This is the first long activity
> I have had in 2 years, and it took 3 months and gaining 10 pounds to get
> my doc's to approve it so I am very excited to do something fun again. I
> have been running high thanks to the hormone monsters but handling it
> ok. I will be taking rest through out the day but I know how eager I am
> to do anything so I assume I am going to be very hyper about being
> there. I really love that place.
> I know that in the short time I have been pumping (1 month ) I have had
> experiences where my activity was high for short periods of time a few
> hours and had to disconnect completely with no bg readings above 110 but
> I was thinking of all the line standing and that I should just see what
> happens and get some advice hear. I will be eating much more fat just
> because you eat at the food service there and I am not to sure how to
> handle that as I eat almost none now. Once again Thank you in advance
> for any help or ideas.
> Take Care
> Laura
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