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Re: [IP] Dr. Bernstein's Book/ketones

Barbara B, I am so glad you brought up ketones.  I have to admit that I have
NOT checked for ketones since way way back when I was doing urine glucose
checks.  If my BGs are normal, is it bad to have ketones?  I thought they had
something to do with exercise, but I have forgotten now.  Anyway, when my BG
goes up to 300 or 400, I rapidly bring it down with insulin.  I test my BG
quite often so is this really so bad not to check for ketones?  BTW, I haven't
been very ill in many years and I do realize checking for ketones is
especially important with children.  I really have not had a problem with this
in 30+ years.  I am wondering if you think I have just been lucky or if I am
living dangerously?  ellen
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