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[IP] Accusoft Advantage Comforts - Quality Control Testing

Hi Everyone.. I did a test study with this glucometer and I have a
manual with all the answers.. I think!

MiniMed and Accusoft are in some type of marriage.. I asked that
question to Human Resources when I applied for a position with this
company..in" Customer Service"!!!
This is what the manual said about testing:
1. Turn on Monitor by pressing any button.
2. Press ENTER to select "Run Glucose Test".
3. Remove a new test strip from the vial. Insert with coloured area
facing up and silver
    bars going inside monitor as far as possible.
4.  Hold the level 1 control solution bottle horizontally with the tip
pointed directly at the
     right-hand edge of the strip in line with the edge of the test
5.  Gently squeeze the bottle to form one small drop (do not touch the
test strip with the
     tip of the control solution bottle.)
6.  Bring the drop to the edge of the strip within the Comfort Curve.
Allow the strip to
     automatically draw the solution into the yellow reaction window
until it is completely
7.  Replace cap of glucose control solution.
8. Control result appears within 40 seconds.
9. While test strip is still in monitor, add L1 or L2 Control Event
Marker by pressing
    EVENT  function key.  You may remove test strip and begin entering
10. When finished testing, press MENU to return to Main Menu, or press
OFF to turn
      monitor off.

To check if the result is within the acceptable range, see the glucose
control range printed on the test strip vial label.
If the result is not within the target glucose range or is below the
hpro threshold (as set using Set Options, Glucose Ranges), an
exclamaiton point will appear.
If your glucose control result is within the acceptable range, you can
feel confident that your test strips and monitor are working correctly.
If your glucose control result is not within the acceptable range,
repeat the glucose control test with a new test strip.   If the result
still is not within the acceptable range, see the control solutions
package insert for more information. Please contact your/our Diabetes
Care Info-line.

Any other questions you have about this machine.. you can e.mail me
privately at
email @ redacted
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