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Re: [IP] Dr. Bernstein's Book

Hi Ellen,

Here is my experience with Bernstein's diet.  Very difficult for me to
eat meat, as my husband is vegetarian, so therefore I am mostly too.  I
am allergic to milk products, therefore we are mostly vegan.  Vegetarian
sources of protein are difficult to come by, as beans (the main plant
source of protein) have much carbs in them, whereas meats often have no
carbs.  I did eat some meat to deal with this.  When consuming mostly
protein, I got *very* hungry.  I've not heard others report this from
another List of Dmers (primarily Type 2's) who follow Bernstein.  In
order to deal wit the hunger, he implies that fat be consumed, much
larger amounts than what are recommended on diabetic or heart healthy
diets.  I never did feel real satisfaction, as carbs provide.  Beans are
nice as they are more satisfying, presumabley due to the carbs in them. 
If you do follow this, be prepared for some major changes in your
insulin doses, primarily boluses.  With protein and fats I did need to
extend the effect of my insulin to cover the delayed rises in BG's and I
found that very difficult.  Now, I do not follow "Bernstein's Solution",
but I do consume more fat and protein than before.  Even that does help
prolong the BG elevations.  If you were following that diet, Humalog may
be difficult to control with this, or you may have to square wave bolus
more.  I've heard people with gastroparesis report intolerance for this
diet as they already have delayed BG rises from food.

Good Luck. I would be interested what your experiences are. 


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