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Re: [IP] Hey! Watch that HTML mail!!

At 05:13 PM 1/14/1999  Michael Strong wrote:
>How do you turn off Styled Text?  Turn off bold, underline, etc. under
>Styled Text?

For all you Eudora users, this is how I turn off syled text (HTML). Select
Tools / Options... / Styled Text. From here check "Send plain text only".
If you want to have a choice, you can also check "Ask me each time", but
unless you correspond with other people who can see html text, it's simpler
to just keep it off at all times.

I use EudoraPro 4.1 so your menus might be slightly different. But there is
definitely a way to shut it off within the Options menu. If your version
does not have the "Styled Text" submenu, scroll down the different options
on the left and keep looking for references to Styled Text. Once you find
it, make sure it is turned OFF.

Sending styled or HTML text really makes it hard for many of our users to
read your messages. If anyone is not sure if they are sending styled text
or not, please feel free to write me a private message at email @ redacted
and I will be glad to look at your message. Thanks.


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