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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

   Thanks for further clarification.  I too don't bother re-checking Melissa
to be sure she's rising.  What works for us is if she awakens at say 3:00 a.m.
feeling low ( which usually means in the50s-60s), she drinks a 4 oz. juice box
first. Then she'll usually have a package of peanut butter crackers (18 carbs)
for which she'll bolus 2 units & will wake up in the mid 100s. Her CDE was the
one who told her the juice would suffice to bring her back up & the rest of
the snack ( including the peanut butter protein component) would keep her from
dropping again BUT if she didn't bolus for the crackers, she'd awaken in the
200s- which is precisely what WAS happening.
As always, YMMV (your mileage may vary). Melissa, for example, takes her meal
boluses (Humalog) AFTER she finishes eating all the time.  When she attempted
Humalog the first 2 times, she was always crashing an hour later & then
zooming into the 300s hours later if she bolused as she started eating.

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