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Re: [IP] Accu Check Complete From Mini Med

FastTake Specification Section says: Sample blood size 2.5 microliters.

I believe that a dot of blood 2.5 would be smaller then this zero
mark    " o "

I tried the Accu Check Complete it uses 9 microliters( call to customer
service) I never used it with Comfort Curve Strip, if you find out the
amount of blood needed let me know.

Profile 10 microliters.

I thank you for the reply.
Does anyone else know the amount of blood regard with the Comfort Curve

> By the way....I think your numbers and amounts are a bit off. 9ml is
> equivalent to 9 cc. A 100 unit insulin syringe is equivalent to 1.0 ml.
30 cc = 1 oz 

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