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Re: [IP] Accu Check Complete From Mini Med

Lisa and Jen..

    I too love the AccuChek Complete and purchased the software for the PC. It is
great. Charts my diary and keeps complete records for my Endo which I will print
out and take with me next week. I have however found a area that they can improve
and wouldn't have noticed that much without the software. If you take a BG
reading and do not enter 'something' in the Diary like even a comment If you
wanna go back and 'edit' that reading with more info, it creates a whole new
entry in the Diary. Anyway not to bore you.. But I agree with you I like the
meter and the software


Lisa Fricke Berger wrote:

> Jen,
> It has an exclamation point because that number was out of your programmed
> target range. The control solutions test for highs and lows on the Accu
> Check Complete. We use this meter and really like all the features. I
> particularly like the new comfort curve strips since they use capillary
> action and a smaller amount of blood.
> Lisa
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> I got an Accu Check Complete from Mini Med today.  Does everyone who gets a
> Mini Med pump receive one?  I have used One Touch Brands for years now, and
> am
> confused with this new machine.  I tried to run the solution test to make
> sure
> it was in the range for the strips, it was, but there was an exclamation
> point
> after which is supposed to mean that it is not within range.  Uh OK.  Am I
> stupid or am I just to simple?  How come there is an exclamation point if
> the
> number is within range?  Can anyone please help me?
> Jen
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