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[IP] Re: Unused insulin when using square wave

+My question:  If I give myself,say, 4 units over 2 hours, how do I figure out
+how much insulin is unused anhour after the square wave has finished? 
I took four units of Humalog in a two hour square wave bolus.
I took approximately one unit of Humalog every 1/2 hour for two hours.
One unit at time 0, one at time 0.5, one at time 1.0 and one at time 1.5.
At time 0 no effect
At time 1.5 the first unit is peaking.
At time 2.0 the second unit is peaking.
At time 2.5 the third unit is peaking.
How much insulin is left to work now?
One unit has one hour left, one hour after peak = 0.1 unit.
One unit has 1.5 hour left, 1/2 hour after peak =  0.2 unit.
One unit has 2 hours left, peaking = 0.5 unit.
One unit has 2.5 hours left, yet to peak = 0.9 unit.
Total 1.7 units left to work.
At your service,