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[IP] RE:Going to disneyland

I live about 12 miles from Disneyland and have the following suggestions for

1.  If you are concerned about the high fat food, take in your own food from a
place where you already know how much insulin you need to handle it.  There
are Subway sandwich shops and things like that outside of the park on Harbor
Blvd.  (Note that generally the servings of things like pizza are small and a
bit high priced.)  Disney allows patrons to bring in food.

You might also consider taking the monorail to the Disneyland Hotel and eating
in a sit down rest. there to avoid the "burger and fries" amusement park type

There is also the French Cafe in New Orleans Sq. the Blue Bayou and some other
places with less fatty food.

2.  Generally I find that with the standing in line time and sit down time
that the additional walking at Disneyland requires no reduction in basel rate
for me.  It sounds as if a drop in your basel rate could work for you, but I
can't really say.

Have fun,

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