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Re: Splenda finally, was Re: [IP] RE: Diet Coke Issues

At 07:02 PM 1/15/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>> Yeah, you folks way out in the wilderness always have a tough time getting
>> the modern conveniences. Have electric dishwashers and clothes washers hit
>> the market out there yet? Dishpan hands can contribute to high BGs too (the
>> stress of having to look at them will do it). Let me know when you get your
>> first TV set.
>You mean this window with the TV picture in the corner of my monitor? Ot the
>2 TVs elsewhere in the house?????

Ted, you have to get with it... until my son left for college we had 4
computers (networked, of course), 3 TV's and a microwave... I stopped
watching the microwave, though because it only had one channel and even
that was pretty boring.  :-)

I'm going to have to start buying stock in the electric company. It's too
bad they don't have computers that run on natural gas...  <rotfl>


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