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Re: Splenda finally, was Re: [IP] RE: Diet Coke Issues

At 05:33 PM 1/15/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>> If you had a mild allergic reaction, it might cause stress to your system.
>> And since stress raises your BG levels, that might explain it. I've never
>> seen any change in BGs due to diet soda... and I've had a lot of them.
>Yup, that's the plot all right.
>> Just for the fun of it, I've been trying Diet RC Cola, which is made with
>> Splenda instead of Aspartame. In my opinion it doesn't taste too bad. If
>> Diet Coke causes people problems try the RC Cola and see if that makes a
>> difference.
>I'll try it once it reaches this backwoods corner of Ohio. At least
>Lite finally got here last week. I tried it and it seemed fine, no allergic
>reaction or other nonsense at all.

Yeah, you folks way out in the wilderness always have a tough time getting
the modern conveniences. Have electric dishwashers and clothes washers hit
the market out there yet? Dishpan hands can contribute to high BGs too (the
stress of having to look at them will do it). Let me know when you get your
first TV set.


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