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Splenda finally, was Re: [IP] RE: Diet Coke Issues

Sam Skopp wrote:
> If you had a mild allergic reaction, it might cause stress to your system.
> And since stress raises your BG levels, that might explain it. I've never
> seen any change in BGs due to diet soda... and I've had a lot of them.

Yup, that's the plot all right.
> Just for the fun of it, I've been trying Diet RC Cola, which is made with
> Splenda instead of Aspartame. In my opinion it doesn't taste too bad. If
> Diet Coke causes people problems try the RC Cola and see if that makes a
> difference.

I'll try it once it reaches this backwoods corner of Ohio. At least Cran-Grape 
Lite finally got here last week. I tried it and it seemed fine, no allergic
reaction or other nonsense at all.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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