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Re: [IP] Danger: Microwave Oven

At 07:30 AM 1/15/1999  Phil DuBois wrote:
>Have you asked any school officials what the reasoning is?  Depending on
>the OSHA surveyor, they can often be accommodating, or at least
>recommend solutions specific to a circumstance.  
>Perhaps it's because microwaves can cause havoc for pacemakers. 
>However, restaurants post warning signs and that works within the
>regulations.  If OSHA feels the microwave is too accessible to the
>public, and therefore, high risk of being unsanitary, can it be
>re-located to a more restricted area?  Could the school establish
>cleaning guidelines?  

The other issue I can think of is that if microwaves are not maintained
properly the door seal can cause leaks. These are dangerous to the staff.
It is possible that the doors were tested for leaks and they failed.


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