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Re: [IP] kids & sports

     >halfway through basketball her #'s will be around 100 and then 30-45 
     >minutes later she will be 200.
     >  Any suggestions on what to do so that she doesn't go so high after 
     >b-ball would be appreciated.
     First of all, maintaining those numbers across such physical activity 
     is pretty great in my mind.  Have you tried connecting, giving a 
     *small* bolus, and then disconnecting at halftime of basketball?  I 
     don't remember the details, but there was a message in the past couple 
     of days from a marathoner who gave a bolus later in the race to cover 
     some carbs.  The key is to not try to "carry" a bolus all the way 
     through the physical activity.
     -David W.
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