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Re: [IP] Got Minimed today!-am overwhelmed


> I use the bent needle in my D pump. Will those work with the minimed?


> The INSERTER looks like it will hurt!  Does the sof set have a flexibl;e
> needle
> or is it a metal needle?? I thought when it was shown to me it had a little
> plastivc like needle..
> Which set ups  do you all like?

The sof serter hurts much less than doing it by hand. (I've been using sof sets
since they were invented and the sof serter only appeared on the scene a few years
later).  It also eliminates most of the crimping problems that were so common
without it.  The thing that is disturbing about the sof serter is just the noise
it makes when it releases.  But the noise has nothing to do with how it feels.
The metal needle in the sof sets is just like the one in the silhouettes -- they
are both used as inserters.  After you get the set in place you remove the metal
needle and leave the plastic sheath inside.  The plastic eliminates many of the
old problems that the metal needles caused (skin reactions and abrasion).  There
are a small number of people who do not have trouble wearing metal needles long
term.  If you are one of these, you may not mind the ond bent needle sets.

The tape and many other supplies for minimed and disentronic are interchangeable
-- it doesn't matter which pump you have.  I think they weigh the same and are
really the same size too unless the 507 minimed has gotten larger than earlier

Hope that helps a little.

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