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Re: [IP] kids & sports

> I have a question my daughter age 13 is very active in volleyball
> and basketball.  In fact 2 nights a week she goes straight from
> volleyball to basketball.  We have found that she needs to
> disconnect during volleyball or else she goes low and then after
> volley ball will be around 80.  She will reconnect her pump for 10
> minutes just while I pick her up from volleyball and drive her to
> b-ball and then disconnect again. halfway through basketball her
> #'s will be around 100 and then 30-45 minutes later she will be 200.
> Volleyball lasts an hour and basketball is 90 minutes.

Sounds like she still needs some basal for the basketball. I've 
recently seen this kind of trend in Lily while playing Varsity 
soccer. Either her body is changing or she isn't burning as much 
energy as she used to during play. Have not yet tried this but plan 
to if she continues to be high after the games.

Try a bolus at half time that contains enough insulin for the next 
hour maybe 2 hours ( I'm assuming she is on H) figuring that 1/2 will 
go in during the next hour. That's not really true, but with a lot of 
activity and moving around, the absorption from the site could be 
higher than normal. Start conservative.

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