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Re: [IP] Help

Hi Paula,

All I can say is I know the feeling!  After 14 years on the pump, I only
really learned in the last year that reviewing every assumption/basal
rate/carb ratio on a regular basis is essential.  I had also forgotten some
things that would have made life easier (like I owned "Pumping Insulin" for
many years - only found it after I ordered the new edition after hearing
about it for the "first" time here).

Any change, especially weight gain, can screw everything up.  Last time I
reviewed my basal rates, they all went down because I was so active.  Since
late November, when my schedule changed back, I have been feeling so-so but
semi-ignoring it.  I finally "came to" and realized that my rates were
inappropriate.  I raised one rate a small amount and am back on great
sugars again.  Rate testing works!

I lose the importance of good control too - and that always just feeds the
cycle for me.  It is amazing how complacent I become about high blood
sugars after I have had them for a while  :'(

type 1, 19 years
pump, 14 years

email @ redacted                             Vancouver, BC, Canada

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