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Re: [IP] Re: Hormones; Sites; Doctors

Hi Janet,

> Congratulations on your diligence, and perhaps a bit of "luck" in
> finding a physician you can work with!  Now you can get on with the work
> which is yours-- testing, adjusting and "living" with DM, and allow the
> medical community to do the job which is theirs-- to support, prescribe,
> advise, etc.

Amen!  Thank you so much for the good wishes.  Now the poor people at work
are trying to get me off the ceiling, for they too ( those poor boys ) have
had to deal with listening to all my stories and frustrations.

> Could you expound on your chest sites.  It was obvious to me that one
> would not use the breast tissue as an insertion site for the pump.  More
> detail about what areas you do use!  We need to get out our pencils and
> papers now and use diagrams!

Yes, but I can't draw.  I a picture of a human body and a pointer! <VBG>
There must be one on the Internet somewhere, right????.  You should see me.
I am looking down my shirt trying to see how far away from the "bra" area it
is, oops I forgot I don't wear one, but undershirt will do.  I've got the
ruler out.  <LOL>  Oh help, how can I describe this????  Cool, I just went
and asked one of my male co-workers. :-) :-)  It's the Pectoral area.  About
two inches to the left of the Sternum ( the middle bone ).  Normally an inch
away from the armpit area.  I gone as high up as to under my shoulder bone.

I remember when I mentioned this area a while back someone brought up the
scar tissue factor and detecting Breast Cancer.  So we may want to discuss
this again.


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