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Re: [IP] Michael and Glycemic Index

> As I am dedicated to a re-education process - can you tell me more
> about this glycemic index.  Is there a list of foods and times in
> which they are digested or should I just follow the usual rules
> about complex carbs and simple sugars etc.
See Rick Mendosa's Glycemic index. the link is on the LINKS page of 
the web site. 

On-line Resources for Diabetes Rick Mendosa's REALLY GOOD list of
>          Glycemic Index Ranking of foods based on their immediate
          effect on blood glucose (bG or blood sugar) levels. 
>          Glycemic Index Lists There are two listings of the Glycemic 
          Index below. The first is based on food categories 
          subdivided into specific foods. The second list is 
          ordered by the GI. 

> You seem to be very educated about every little detail of your
> daughters disease.  I am sure that most of this is motivated by the
> love of your child but just out of curiosity???  What is your
> profession - scientist, teacher, engineer???

i r 'n ingeenr... :-)
UC Berkeley BSEECS '68
email @ redacted
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