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Re: [IP] Great news!

>  Lauren does test her blood about
> 5-8X a day, but we both agree that it is worth it!    And I guess
> she understands its significance because she is elated too!  

I found with my daughter that there has never been a need to 
encourage her to test. The increase in control and ability to eat and 
do what/when she wanted is more than enough incentive for her to 
maintain good bg's. She says she feels crummy if she's high or low 
and would rather test than feel bad. I have to admit to feeling 
guilty about asking her to test 15 - 20 minutes after treating a low 
because I can't imagine having to prick my fingers over and over 
again even though I do it once in a while to remind me what it's 
like. Lily never seems to mind and will test at the drop of a hat. It 
wasn't always this way. On shots testing was resisted.

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