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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] school problems

"Natalie A. Sera" <email @ redacted>wrote:

"I'm sorry, but the idea that Teacher's Unions are causing your problems
is simply untrue."

excuse me, what i meant to say was that the teacher's union in our school
district was forbidding their teachers from dispensing ANY medications and
they interpreted dispensing any sugar sources to a child with D as medication.
the only way i was able to change that was through the administration(system
wide, BTW)
we had to do alot of education in order to change things, but when our son
started kindegarten we were told by his kindergarten teacher that she could
NOT keep a source of sugar for chris because it was considered dispensing
medication in the classroom(per her union president).every time chris was
feeling crummy he would have to walk to the nurse's station(on the other side
of the building)in order to treat his lows. that all changed the day he had a
bad insulin reaction in the class and the teacher realized how serious this
was..only then did teachers start keeping sugar sources( and yes, i had
suggested other things besides glucose tabs)

"School rules, such as that forbidding candy in the classroom, are
usually imposed by the school administration, and of course, if the
principal is ignorant of the needs of DM children, he might resist
allowing them to have their glucose tabs. However, the union has NOTHING
to do with that decision. "

Every staff membereas educated,especially the principal, the school
secretary,and the vice principal who are constants...(teachers do change every
year) and are all backups for us when the nurse isn't available. this has been
the case since our son started kindergarten.The school principal knew what
chris' needs were and was more than willing to back us.

Btw...candy is ROUTINELY distributed as a special treat to the non-d kids in
our school system. I have 3 other children in our school system, so i know
this to be true.

"As a teacher, I feel that we both, teachers AND parents, need to treat
each other fairly and with respect and compassion -- parents need to
take the responsibility to TELL teachers about their children, and to
EDUCATE them as to their children's needs, and teachers need to be
willing to accommodate the rules for special cases, and understand WHY
the rules need to be bent."

I couldn't agree more. we've only come as far as we have because of some
wonderful teachers who have been willing to bend the rules. I was NOT knocking
individual teachers here, we have  some truly wonderful teachers within our
school system. but they feel compelled to work within the constraints of their
union contract, which states that they are NOT to dispense medications. the
union president had deemed that giving glucose to a child with D was a
liability issue, along with being interpreted as dispensing medication and was
not allowed under thier contract.

I think,  as with D itself, when it comes to how school systems handle issues,

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