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Re: [IP] Aspartame

Aspartame does effect my blood sugar but in a simple sugar way, when I drink a
diet soda with Aspartame I will get around a 30 point increase in my bg, but
within an hour or so it comes right back down so it is what I call for me a
"intake reaction rise" which happens whenever I drink sugar free liquids. I am not
sure why this happens but I am also a person that has to count my protein grams
and fat grams along with my carbs because everything makes my bg go up. I was told
buy my nutritionist that Aspartame can effect some while not others. You know what
else is kinda strange when I drink carbonated water my bg goes up and I even
called the company to make sure there was no sugar and there was not. "curious and
more curious"
Take Care
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