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[IP] Michael and Glycemic Index

On January 12 you wrote:
> Depends on the glycemic index of the food you eat. Some foods will 
> cause you to be very high 2 hours later, others very low, still 
> others exactly where you were before and...... everywhere in between. 
> This really is YMMV stuff and it is highly dependent on what you eat.

As I am dedicated to a re-education process - can you tell me more about
this glycemic index.  Is there a list of foods and times in which they are
digested or should I just follow the usual rules about complex carbs and
simple sugars etc.

You seem to be very educated about every little detail of your daughters
disease.  I am sure that most of this is motivated by the love of your
child but just out of curiosity???  What is your profession - scientist,
teacher, engineer???


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