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Re: [IP] Battery web site as per request

Aaron thanks! That's a good site with lots of info. For those who don't want to wade through the submenus, here is Kodak's recommendation for storing batteries. Freeaing is clearly not recommended, though they don't say why. Anybody know why?

How should I store my Kodak batteries?
Ideally, cells should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, radiators, and other heat sources. Refrigeration is not necessary nor recommended except during the summer months and only if your home is routinely at temperatures over 90 degrees. If you do store batteries in the refrigerator, let them warm up to room temperature (takes about two hours) and wipe off all condensation before use. Freezing is not recommended.

<<<<<<From: "Aaron Michelson" <email @ redacted
I hope this accurate site helps and technical level is appropriate. =
Batterycare and feeding applies to rechargeables and is not addressed.=20
Note that silver oxide batteries don't even rate a "storage life" they =
only have a"shelf life". If you go to "TechTalk ->specifications" page use Kodak KS76.
http://www.kodak.ch/global/en/consumer/products/batteries/chemical.shtml >>>>>>>>> __________________________________
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