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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

Renee, there is always an explanaton, indeed often a very  reasonable
physiologic mechanism. The problem is that we are all too often not smart
enough to figure it out!  LOL
Since none of us wants to accept limitations on our intelligence, lets just
blame it on not having enough data.  :-)

<<<<<<<<<<    Maybe Lily's scenario is just the "flip side" of the "so
whatever happened
to all that insulin I bolused when I was high" coin? We're convinced there's a
"black hole" for unprocessed insulin somewhere in our house, right alongside
the black hole with all the single socks that vanished!!!
   In other words, I know your "engineer mind" refuses to accept the lack of
an explanation, but after years of dealing with diabetes, I'm certain everyone
of the almost 900 members in this group (be they adults with D. or parents of
kids with D.) can attest to similar inexplicable scenarios. What truly amazes
me isn't that there are times when NO EXPLANATION makes sense, but rather that
the vast majority of the time it DOES work according to expectations!!! LOL
Regards, Renee>>>>>>>>>>>

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