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RE: [IP] Site Irritation...Plastic on Set?

Lynn I had the same problem with my first site itching. When you take the
catheter out rub it with some alcohol it will heip the itch. my second site
is doing better I think it is a matter of getting use to it. But you could
have a tape allergy if the area is getting really red and you could get tape
blisters . You might need to try a different kind of tape.

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Subject: [IP] Site Irritation...Plastic on Set?

Hi there...I'm having some trouble with my very first site!  I started on
saline two days ago, and noticed yesterday that the site was really
itchy.  First I thought it was the saline (it did seem to sting a very
little bit
when I "bolused" for lunch), but then it seemed like it could be the tape.
removed the set last night.  The tape wasn't the problem.  There also
didn't seem to be any problem with the cannula site...just a red dot when
I removed it.  The only problem seems to be on one side of the set, the
plastic wing irritated my skin...I've got a small reddish bump in the shape
of the outline of the "wing" and it's itchy.  
I read in one of the pump books that plastic irritation could be
counter-acted by putting a piece of tape down before putting in the set. 
Does anyone do this, or have another suggestion?  Is it possible that I
just had the set taped down TOO tightly, or picked a spot that rubbed
when I moved around?

So far my second saline set seems to be doing fine, but it did take a few
days for the first one to start bugging me.  I go live with humalog on
Monday....want to try to lick this problem in the bud!


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