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Re: [IP] Site Irritation...Plastic on Set?

>  The tape wasn't the problem.  There also
>didn't seem to be any problem with the cannula site...just a red dot when
>I removed it.  The only problem seems to be on one side of the set, the
>plastic wing irritated my skin...I've got a small reddish bump in the shape
>of the outline of the "wing" and it's itchy.  


I used to be irritated by the little "wings" on the MM sof-sets.  They put
an adhesive on that part of the set and it is different than the adhesive
in the tape that comes with the sets.  One thing you might try is peeling
off the tan tab (not just the white one)--I think that removes the
adhesive.  Yes, you can try putting down a layer of tape first and then
inserting the set through that.  Kendall Polyskin (available through MM)
would probably work fine.  Another thing to try is one of the skin preps.
I used to use one called "skin prep" by Smith and Nephew. They may be
calling it something else now.  However, it acts as a barrier between your
skin and the tape and it is non-allergenic.  It also helps the tape stick

If none of these ideas work, switch to a different kind of set like the
Silhouettes.  I prefer them for many reasons (besides the tape issues) and
have not had any problems with itchiness at all.

Mary Jean
MM 507 since 1-28-97 (almost two years!)

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