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Re: [IP] Re: Hormones; Sites; Doctors

Um, hope this doesn't sound rude, but is using the upper chest a female
Well you know I am not sure ( not rude at all by the way).  I am not inserting it in the breast itself, and believe me there's not a lot there :-).  I am fairly slender on top too.  I'll check on my husband and get back to you.  Basically if you can pinch an inch try it.  I seem to be having very good results when using this area.  I need to try to stay away from my stomach as much as possible since it's been abused severely over the last 35 years, many shots and a pump.
And maybe don't rely on your family doctor. I often hear this stressed for
newly diagnosed people--get started with a specialist early. If you're able
where you live, switch to an endocrinologist. Where I go, a big-city
hospital, people drive in from miles away and stay in town overnight, just
because they benefit from the care of a specialist and the diabetes
educators (nurses). "General" practitioners are aptly named; they can't know
everything and often won't admit it. (I sound awfully bitter here, but I'm
not, really!)
I agree with you, but here's my revelation...

I was going to write a BIG thank you to everyone for all their support and suggestions, so I'll just do it here since you brought up this doctor thing.  I worked with three endocrinologist for 35 years of my diabetic life.  One booted me out because he was a pediatrician ( I was too old ), the other one retired, and the other I left to move here.  Well it's been over a year and half and 28 plus doctors, seven endo's and I think yesterday I found the doctor I've been searching for the last year and a half.  She is an Internal doc.  She wanted to look at my feet, she was impressed with my record keeping, she not a pill pusher, she wants me to have some "proactive" tests done.  I was in tears because I was so elated.  I talked to her about the staff and some of the hassles I was receiving for wanting enough strips to cover me for ten test a day.  Thanks to Joanne's advice I was able to do it in a tactful manner and the outcome was good.  This doc told me don't ever worry about insulin, strips, etc. she said if only all diabetics were this methodical.  I even talked with her nurse and that went well.  She told me to work directly with her and if she's not there to talk to one of the other nurses in the office.  Oh and doc said she was going to re - educate the staff on the seriousness of diabetes and how important it is for people to test.  Oh, gee's I could go on for hours.  My husband had to pry me off the walls last night I was so happy.  I finally feel I can relax and make my home here.  Bottom line she doesn't have Endocrinologist after her name but she's done a TON more than any of these six I've seen and she's acknowledged my level of knowledge and my diligence.  She wants to work with me rather then dictate to me.  All the other doctors where just the opposite.

For all of you who responded to my "Strips, Doctors, Insurance", thank you so much.  I had printed the responses out, highlighted certain parts and was all prepared to hand them over to the doctor, but I didn't need to.  You see all these other doctors I had gone to I had gone with down loaded data from my meter, logbook, etc. and they never took a look.  The didn't do anything at all for me.  This doctor I saw yesterday replaced the doctor I had seen at the clinic who had left back in October.

I am truly sorry for this being so long, but I am still flying high and really wanted to share it with all you since you have all been so helpful and supportive.

With a good doctor, a great list, my diligence, I too will be joining that over 45 years of IDDM in nine years.

...and Shaun, you thought you were being overzealous!  :-)