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Subject: Re: [IP] school problems

>I read your letter.  I am appalled at this school and the gym teacher.  Why
>the Principal letting this teacher dictate policy?  The Principal was the

Why?? two words...Teacher's Unions. Every problem we've had at school with our
son has stemmed from the  teacher's union contract.we had to fight to keep
glucose tabs, lifesavers, any form of sugar with our son when he first started
school. seems the teacher's union forbade the teachers from giving sugar to a
child with D, it was dispensing medication.of course, they got this didn't
last long:-)

> > Hi everybody,
> > I went to my kids school today to discuss with the  nurses how much of an
> > education  we wanted to give the teachers tomorrow at our big meeting.
> > I left my daughters gym teacher came in and told me she wants Jessica to
> > disconnect the pump during gym. I told her that was not the plan and she
> > started ranting and raving."she's not going to let any kid play gym with
> > thing connected to her" Then she kindly reminded me that Jess has to pass
> > to graduate.         These people are making me crazy.....

Our solution was to meet with our school superintendent and school physician
and we set up the policy for kids with pumps in our school system. he was the
first child with a pump and is still the only child with one.(his sister will
be joining him as soon as she is ready) whenever a teacher gives us any guff
about his situation,which has only happened once, we very nicely tell them to
speak to the superintendent. We also set  up a health care plan and a 504
plan, so EVERYTHING is documented!

good luck!!

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