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Re: [IP] Someone Explain

> <<I remember I was so irregular that they had to put on the pill so
> I could know when to change my basel and bolus rates.>>
> Fran, what does this mean??

My cycle ( period ) was so irregular so I couldn't prepare for the 50% drop
in insulin.  By putting me on the birth control pill I knew when my period
was coming and could change my basel and bolus rates accordingly.  I hope
this makes sense.  If not let me know.

Just to add something else.  I don't know if this is a problem for just
young people for now that I am older I don't have the problem at all.  Also
I have known other diabetic women that their BS's would go very high.  This
is covered in detail on the home page under FAQs,"How menstruation affects
diabetes control".

I had forgotten though when I was younger what a significant impact my
menstruation had on my BS's and wanted to give Michael one more possibility
for Lily's low the other night.

Hope this clears things up.

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