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Re: [IP] annoying term

email @ redacted wrote:

(re borderline diabetic)
> There is no such thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, actually there is. The technical term for it is impaired glucose
tolerance, or IGT.  It occurs among people at high risk of developing
Type 2. 

In Type 2, there is really no strict cutoff between clearly normal and
clearly diabetic BG levels. Any number established by the medical
establishment is arbitrary, which is why they could change it from 140 a
few years ago to 126 now. The number was lowered in an attempt to help
those people who, in the past, have not been diagnosed with DM until
they were ALREADY suffering complications, which indicates that the 140
cutoff was too high.

Of course, Type 1 is an either/or situation -- either you have it, or
you don't, but it's an entirely different disease from Type 2, sharing
only the symptom of high blood glucose and propensity to complications.

The biggest issue is not whether there's such a thing as borderline DM,
but establishing just where the line IS -- and preventing DM
complications in those that are at or above that line. 

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