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[IP] Site Irritation...Plastic on Set?

Hi there...I'm having some trouble with my very first site!  I started on
saline two days ago, and noticed yesterday that the site was really
itchy.  First I thought it was the saline (it did seem to sting a very little bit
when I "bolused" for lunch), but then it seemed like it could be the tape.  I
removed the set last night.  The tape wasn't the problem.  There also
didn't seem to be any problem with the cannula site...just a red dot when
I removed it.  The only problem seems to be on one side of the set, the
plastic wing irritated my skin...I've got a small reddish bump in the shape
of the outline of the "wing" and it's itchy.  
I read in one of the pump books that plastic irritation could be
counter-acted by putting a piece of tape down before putting in the set. 
Does anyone do this, or have another suggestion?  Is it possible that I
just had the set taped down TOO tightly, or picked a spot that rubbed
when I moved around?

So far my second saline set seems to be doing fine, but it did take a few
days for the first one to start bugging me.  I go live with humalog on
Monday....want to try to lick this problem in the bud!


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