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[IP] Can nightmare stress cause hyperglycemia??

Had a doozy this morning:

Terrorist are sweeping the local mall.  All the 'real men' in the mall
run to the sporting good store to get shotguns to defend themselves and
their families.  Unfortunately the store is out of shotguns and all that
is left for me is a semi-auto 'gangsta' style weapon.

I have a one on one fight in which i come out victorious albeight with
gunshots in my gut and in my leg <no blood to speak of though>.  I
convince my parents that despite the pain i am well enough to walk to
the emergency room in the hospital nearby <bg>

Halfway through the parking lot i realize that i am too weak to make it
and stop at a payphone to call for an ambulance.

For whatever reason i disconnect my set and place everything atop a car
across the street from the phone (i guess the the phone booth was too
tight for my disetronic <vbg>).  Of course by the time i finish my 911
call, the pump is stolen by some local ghetto hoodlums.

I spend the rest of the dream trying to track down the various pieces of
my pump.  They apparently used it for target practice INSIDE their

The funniest part was that in the dream, the battery caps to my pump
were onion domed shape (like in Russian Churches).

Bottom line, I was 308 this morning.  Counted my carbs last night and
dosed properly.

Is there a cause and effect situation going on here?  If so, it would
explain alot.....this has been my 3rd nightmare this week.


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