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To anyone:
Have had diabetes 33 years, on a pump for eight, and since Christmas feel
    I am sure it has to do with less restraint and self-discipline around
the holidays but maybe after having the disease and the pump for so long I
should do a complete retraining and reassessment to get me back on track. 
I feel terribly guilty for not having good readings, not to mention
terribly tired from going high and low so often.  Oh, the weight gain isn't
helping either.
    Here is my question.  Can anyone give me the intro on calculating basal
rates?  Someone (I think Barb B) mentioned doing a basal rate profile and I
thought I could start here as a refresher.  You know, I don't recall ever
doing that - or maybe it just had a different name.
    Sometimes, I just lose site of the importance of control.  Of course
the poorer my control, the poorer my attitude and drive.  This all just
makes me cry.
    Any help would be most welcome.
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