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RE: [IP] Re: Swimming

> > My son Brian (10) is a competitive swimmer and a new pumper(just one
> > month); he is having difficulty getting the set to stay in place
> > during his pool workouts. (He is using the quick release softset).
> >
> > The water gets under the IV 3000 tape and it lifts away. We are
> > trying out new methods, but the water nearly always makes it under!
> Two suggestions.
> 1) switch to Tenders/Sil's
> 2) cut a pair of drain holes near the wings on the sofset that will
> allow the tape to dry out when he's out of the pool. Lily used to do
> this when she was swimming. You need a hole about 1/8 inch diameter
> below and on either side of the set at the corner of the wing. Not to
> big, but positioned so any moisture can drain out "down" this will
> facilitate drying of the skin and adhesive. It also works well at the
> beach to let the sand out -- that's how we first discovered the
> technique. Make sure to use skin prep prior to putting the cover tape
> over the set and I would recommend using Kendall Polyskin II or
> Tegaderm rather than the patches that come with the MM set. The
> vendor supplied patches don't stick nearly as well.

I have had difficulty with water as well, but am generally successful when I
put a strip of Polyskin on the bottom of the patch that comes with the MM
set and a strip to cover the top of the patch.


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